RIVER, Labs was formed to help small to mid-sized companies launch products in the market with low MOQs. We are a turnkey solution company that can help with all your customized needs.

Our Co-Founders Nili & Janaki are perfumer-alchemists that bring as unusual approach to the paring of botanicals. Nili is know as the head ‘Nose’ who brings in her quintessential Indian sensibilities that blend perfectly with contemporary interpretations in design, material and craftsmanship. She leads the R&D department at River Labs.

Private label our collection for your brand and we assure you a scented story will unravel in the air note by note. Your clients will be enchanted by aromatic expressions for their home or workspace that paint a mood through emotion, encourage the sense to fall in love with fragrances and allow their own scented memoire to begin.

Scented Soy Blend Candles
Artisan Home Sprays
Handcrafted Diffuser Oils
Dream Pillow Mists
Eau De Parfums
Body Wash | Hand Wash
Body Lotion | Body Butter
Hemp Infused Massage Oils
Hemp Infused Creams
Hemp Infused Eau De Parfums
Hemp Infused Suncreens

MOQs depend on the packaging | bottles | raw materials | fragrance composition